Will you give me some money?

One of the things that I love about our industry (that’s the printing industry… incase you found this blog accidentally) is that most businesses need printing to some extent.  Some businesses realize that, and some don’t… we’ll talk about the folks that do.

I am cheap.  When it comes to my money, I don’t like to turn lose of it at all.  Unless I’ve had my eye on something for a while, or maybe if I stumble upon some sort of investment, I don’t spend money.  This “quality” sometimes makes it difficult to be a business person.  Sometimes it prevents me from providing the exact product that someone wants, because I wouldn’t spend my own money on the same product.

So I put my thinking cap on (it’s a little tight these days, I don’t use it much) to try to figure out what made people buy the printed material that we provide. This is what I came up with:

First, all printed material is a form of communication, so we’ll have to agree that every product that any printer offers, conveys some sort of information.  The two things that motivate people to buy printing:

#1. Emotion

#2. It makes the buyer money

So first we’ll cover the emotional purchase.  This would be something like wedding invitations or baby announcements. These are things that convey information that make people feel good… so it’s an emotional purchase.

On to the second motivator. If it’s not an emotional purchase, then it must make you money. Now seriously, stop and think about this.  WHY would you spend money on printing if it doesn’t fall under one of these two categories. Really, let me know if you think of a reason.

We print for two different kinds of companies, non-profits, and for-profits. Both types spend money with us on printing, and the reason that both of them do is because it makes them money. Period. Non-profits still have an operating budget just like every other company (should). The difference is that they generally aren’t’ delivering product to generate money, they rely on other revenue generators.  Most of the time these sources are other companies or individuals that donate money to the cause. This is where we come in.  We print a message for the non-profit in order to make potential donors aware that this may be an excellent place for them to contribute to. So you see, even with non profits, it’s still about money.

The rest of the businesses that we print for are generally trying to increase their product awareness, or improve their image, or educate their prospects  (kind of like this blog). If you think about it, there really isn’t a product that we offer that doesn’t make businesses money in one way or the other. I’ll list a few and you think about them:

Trifold brochures

Pocket folders

Advertising slicks

* those are obvious, how about these next examples*

Custom invoices

Purchase orders

Bill of laiding

Quote sheets


All of this stuff either generates sales (money) or makes systems more efficient (money). And to be honest, even though we love helping people, our end motivation is also money. So we’re all in the big money pot together.

We’ve been printing for a long time, so we’ve printed a lot of different things to make other folks money.  If you need any ideas, set up an appointment to come in and talk with us.  We’ll make sure that you don’t spend more money than you could make with any particular project!

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  1. Posted May 26, 2010 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

    Great post. Those are the reason I think of when doing any marketing, you’ve nailed it.
    By the way, the business cards look great. You’ll be getting all my orders.

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