What have you done for the environment today?

I consider myself a bit of an outdoorsman. My most favorite place to be is in the woods, surrounded by God’s creation. I hate to see development come in and destroy my favorite places in the world. I think that some of us think this way, and get emotionally involved when trying to help the environment. We get so blinded by our mission to help, that sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees (pardon the pun).

I hear people talking about the environment and what they can do for it everyday. It frustrates me, however when I hear the different ideas that people think help the environment, versus what actually helps. Of course in my industry, the idea that frustrates me the most is the term, “save a tree”.

My life has been simplified by the reduction of paper in our office. What used to take several file cabinets, now takes up a seven inch square on my desk in my Mac Mini. So I agree that the paperless life is more organized and easier than dealing with all those random papers. So if folks want to eliminate paper for those types of things, more power to ’em. However, using the environment as an excuse not to use paper is quite uneducated, and will actually accomplish exactly the opposite in the long run. Here’s the breakdown:

•Paper companies employ tens of thousands of people, and a lot of them manage forests and make sure that trees are growing properly. They don’t just buy property to clear cut and then leave it barren.

•These forests create lots of jobs, and while the forests are growing (for decades) they provide lots of homes for animals, not to mention the Co2 that is converted to oxygen.

•As we stop using paper, (to help the environment) the paper companies are forced to sell these managed properties. The companies that generally purchase this accessible property plan on developing it (not very good for the environment).

•So not using paper accomplishes exactly the opposite of what we are trying to prevent.

If this information peaks your curiosity, do some research on carbon. Energy is created through using carbon. Educate yourself on this, and arm yourself with the information that you find.

I stumbled onto this cool little video that International Paper posted on Youtube, and thought I would share it with you.  Enjoy!

If you like reading stuff more than watching videos, check out this article from PBS: http://bit.ly/c7FR8l

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  1. Posted July 6, 2010 at 8:46 am | Permalink

    Excellent video – very eye-opening. Everyone should watch it just to debunk a bunch of myths we carry in our heads! cheers.

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