Welcome to the Brandywine Team!

If you’ve been doing business with Brandywine for over 7 years, you might remember working with Millie Reed. Millie was with us for several years until she had an opportunity to work with her husband at a different printshop. That different printshop was Brigham Press. Recently, Brandywine Printing and Brigham Press joined forces, and Millie is with us again! This partnership will provide a better service for the existing customers of both companies.

If your’e new to the Brandywine camp, let me give you a run down of who you will run into along the way.

Millie – Customer Service. Millie is the first person that you will encounter at Brandywine Printing. She will be the person on the other end of the phone most of the time.

Josh – Estimating. Josh is like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. Nothing can happen without him, but you don’t normally see him. Josh makes sure that everyone knows what they are paying for a job to be printed.

Steve – Sales. Steve is the man that will come to your office. He knows all of the processes that are available for any printing project. If you don’t have time to come by and see us, ask for Steve. He’ll come out and see you .

Anthony – Prepress/Design. Anthony makes sure that every job looks professional before going to press. If we design a logo, that really means that Anthony s designing a logo. Anthony, unfortunately has to spend a large portion of his time fixing customer files so that they will print correctly.

Bill – Production. Bill puts the ink on the paper, and makes sure that all of the bindery operations are performed correctly. Bill is responsible for all of the offset printing that goes out the door.

Kathy – Digital Printing. Kathy makes all of the digital printing that we produce sparkle! She was thrust in to this position when our digital business took off. She also makes sure that all of the invoices are correct before they are mailed.

Derrell – Purchasing. Derrell makes sure that the light bill gets paid. It’s hard to print in the dark! He also helps Bill out with some of the smaller offset printing projects.

Derek – Blog Writer. Derek’s main job is to keep the public aware of what’s going on at Brandywine Printing.

Hopefully, your printing experience with brandywine is a great one! Now that you know who everyone is and what they do, feel free to swing by the shop, or call, and let us help you with your next printing project!

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