Have you seen the BrandywineMobile?

We’ve been looking forward to getting one of our vehicles wrapped for quite sometime. When we found out that In Depth Wraps teams up with the Forsyth Central High School graphic arts program every year, it was a no brainer for us. We immediately volunteered for the project. Here’s how it worked:

#1. I made a presentation to the class about Brandywine Printing and the products that we produce.

#2. The students had two weeks to submit a design for our vehicle wrap fora grade.

#3. In Depth Wraps went over ALL of the designs with us. Once we crossed the designs out that we didn’t want to consider, we still had 25 to choose from. These kids are very talented! In the end, we loved two designs, and asked if they could be merged.

#4. We turned over our Honda FIT to In Depth Wraps and waited for the unveiling.

#5. On Friday morning we went to Forsyth Central High School and saw our newly wrapped car along with the art students that submitted the designs.

The two winners are Rachel Fahey & Max Goligoski. They did a great job, and now their designs will be viewed all over town. Check out the video below:

Brandywine Printing Vehicle Wrap by In-Depth Wraps

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