Do you have any cool pictures laying around?

Every year since 2006, we’ve printed a calendar that we distribute at no charge to everyone that we come in contact with. Hopefully you’ve received one or more in the years past. We usually have some sort of cool theme for the calendar. We have always used pictures that the Brandywine family has taken ourselves. This year, we wanted to do something different. This year the theme is…. You.

For the first time ever we are accepting pictures from our fans! if you have a cool picture (or ten) we want it! Just remember, it needs to be cool enough for someone who doesn’t know you to look at for a month.

Feel free to send in as many pictures as you would like, but we can only use the best 14 pictures that we receive. If your picture is chosen, you will receive 1000 free full color business cards, and several finished calendars to distribute yourself.

Here are the rules:

1. We can only use landscape (Longways) pictures, please don’t submit portrait (Tall) pictures.

2. Send the highest quality pictures that you have. If you have a choice of the size, make it the largest possible size.

3. Submissions must be received by November 25th 2011 to be considered.

3. There’s only three rules… it shouldn’t be hard.

We will accept pictures from anyone, so feel free to forward this on to your friends and family. Send any possible pictures to

We’re really excited about this project, please help us to make it successful and, send us your cool pictures!

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