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First impression… how is yours?

Every time we meet someone new, we make a first impression of some sort. Once we realize that this is a fact, we can be aware of how others see us. This is true in our personal lives as well as our business lives. This post will focus on the business side of things. Let’s […]

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Digital Printing is here!

Brandywine has gone digital!  People used to ask me when we were going to start offering digital printing, and my response was something like… “Never!”  Well now I’m sitting here eating my hat.  We installed our first digital machine last week, and we’re not looking back. The digital age has been upon us for several […]

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1st Blog!

Happy New Year!!! Welcome to our new and improved Brandywine Printing website. A new decade is upon us, and I’ve wondered how we’re going to refer to the previous decade… You know, in the 70’s we had bellbottoms and Afros. The 80’s brought in big hair, and sitcoms. The 90’s came around and introduced the […]

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