Whether you have a story to tell with a self published book, or you just need people in your organization to be clear on company procedures, Brandywine has the answer. We have several different binding methods for printed books. Depending on the end use of the book, we might perfect bind it like a paperback book, or if your book needs to last forever, we can make it a hard back book.  If your booklet needs are for a seminar, you might be interested in the wire-o-bind process, or even spiral binding.  If budget is more important than esthetics a saddle stitched booklet might be in order.  The best part of having Brandywine print your book is the quantity.  Because we have different processes in our shop, we can print one book or ten thousand books, or anything in between.  Come by the shop and see all of the different binding methods that we can provide for your book.