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Welcome to the Brandywine Team!

If you’ve been doing business with Brandywine for over 7 years, you might remember working with Millie Reed. Millie was with us for several years until she had an opportunity to work with her husband at a different printshop. That different printshop was Brigham Press. Recently, Brandywine Printing and Brigham Press joined forces, and Millie […]

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How to know when to go digital or offset…

Unless you buy printing for a living, you might not know the difference between Digital Printing and Offset Printing, much less which one is best for your current project. I will try to clarify some of the different indicators that we use to determine which process is best for you. At Brandywine, we offer both […]

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Are You on Time?

The older I get, the faster my life seems to move. I remember spending the weekend with my grandparents as a kid. After supper we would all go out and sit on the front porch for hours, until it was too dark to be outside. We would just sit and talk, or maybe my grandpa […]

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What have you done for the environment today?

I consider myself a bit of an outdoorsman. My most favorite place to be is in the woods, surrounded by God’s creation. I hate to see development come in and destroy my favorite places in the world. I think that some of us think this way, and get emotionally involved when trying to help the […]

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Will you give me some money?

One of the things that I love about our industry (that’s the printing industry… incase you found this blog accidentally) is that most businesses need printing to some extent.  Some businesses realize that, and some don’t… we’ll talk about the folks that do. I am cheap.  When it comes to my money, I don’t like […]

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Are you an Expert?

Someone called the shop the other day looking for a “Printing Expert”. I never really thought about being an expert before. “Printer” was just a title that I shared with Benjamin Franklin and a few thousand other folks in my chosen profession. I wasn’t exactly sure what separated a printing expert from any other printing […]

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First impression… how is yours?

Every time we meet someone new, we make a first impression of some sort. Once we realize that this is a fact, we can be aware of how others see us. This is true in our personal lives as well as our business lives. This post will focus on the business side of things. Let’s […]

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Digital Printing is here!

Brandywine has gone digital!  People used to ask me when we were going to start offering digital printing, and my response was something like… “Never!”  Well now I’m sitting here eating my hat.  We installed our first digital machine last week, and we’re not looking back. The digital age has been upon us for several […]

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